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Academician Fu Hengzhi Wins the“China Foundry Lifetime Achievement Award”2013
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    On November 3rd, the 3rd Awards Ceremony for “China Foundry Lifetime Achievement Award” and “China Foundry Outstanding Contribution Award” by Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society was held inJinan,Shandong Province.Academician Fu Hengzhi from NPU, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, won the “China Foundry Lifetime Achievement Award”, the highest honor in China foundry field. At present two professors from NPU, Pro. Fu Hengzhi and Pro. Zhou Youhe won the Awards. Pro. Zhou won the ever-first China Foundry Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011.

    Pro. Fu, born in August 1929, is the well-renowned scientist, doctoral tutor and experts in materials and metallurgy, and he was also the former President of Northwestern Polytechnical University. He was elected as the member of International University Academy of Sciences in 1993, foreign member of theRussianAcademyof Astronautics and academician ofChineseAcademyof Engineering in 1995. He has made a great contribution toChina’s foundry industry on both solidification theories and new materials processing. He also started the pioneering work on non-equilibrium solidification theory, sub-rapid directional organizations and organizations ultrafine, high temperature alloys, solidification organization and properties of rare earth permanent magnetic alloy and directional solidification technology of electromagnetic shaping.

    Established by The Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES) in 2011, “China Foundry Lifetime Achievement Award” and “China Foundry Outstanding Contribution Award” are in recognition of the people who have made great breakthrough to foundry science and technology and who have made outstanding contributions to the development of foundry industry, aiming to promote the development of foundry technology and the foundry industry.

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