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Professor Jie Wanqi from SKLSP of NPU Won the National Award for Technological Invention 2013
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On Jan.10, the Ceremony of National Award for Technological Invention 2013 was held in Beijing, in which the Project “ Cadmium zinc telluride and its use as a nuclear radiation detector material” hosted by Pro.Jie Wanqi from SKLSP of NPU won the Second Prize.


In the past decade, Pro.Jie and his team worked hard and invented the new technology by introducing the composition of compensation and doping and convection control into atmospheric Bridgman method, won 10 patents such as controlled atmosphere annealing technology, and developed a new high-efficiency and low-damage polishing process of HgCdTe wafer and key equipment, lifting the blockade of foreign countries. Their CZT crystals are proved to be excellent and advanced by the measurement of authoritative institutions at home and abroad, such as the British rutherford national laboratories, and China National Nuclear Corporation Beijing Nuclear Instrument Factory. Crystal yield for 3 to 5 times higher than that by traditional method, and the productivity increased by more than 3 times, and comprehensive cost reduced by more than 50%.

It is reported that the technique has been put into production and the only detector grade CZT crystal production enterprise in China has been set up for the batch production of CZT single crystal level detector. It is also applied in more than a dozen units, such as Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology, Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nuctech Company Limited and so on involving in nuclear science and technology, space astronomical observation, security and medical imaging, and other fields.

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