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The ※State Key Laboratory of Solidification Processing§ locates in the applied basic research, making the defense main materials technology needs, which is represented by the field of aerospace, as the main service targets. Its main research is direction of precision forming of advanced materials, with the main characteristics of academic integration of scientific basis, technological innovation and engineering amplification. It aims at building a scientific research base, training base, technological innovation and academic exchange base which represents Chinese academic standards in solidification and related science and technology areas and has an important impact in the international solidification field. Around the goal of this feature, the Laboratory, based on the state national level key discipline 每 materials science and engineering, established the following three research directions: modern solidification theory, accurate forming of materials and advanced aerospace materials.
(1) Modern Solidification Theory
Around the core problems of solidification subject 每 the principle of solidification structure forming, the following research areas are established:
< Nuclear behavior in the process of solidification
<Solidification interface morphology
< Heat, quality and momentum transfer during the solidification process
<Solidification process away from the balance
<The integrated research of solidification and solid-state phase transition
(2) Accurate Forming of Materials
Around the national defense major needs for material forming technology, the following research directions are established:
< Precision casting technology of large and complex thin-well castings
< Directional solidification of high-temperature alloy
<Three-dimensional laser forming and remanufacturing technology
< Precision plastic forming technology
<High-energy beam welding
(3) Advanced Aerospace Materials
Around the national defense major needs for material technology, the following research directions are established:
    ﹟   Aerospace thermal structure materials 每
     < Ultra-high temperature ceramic matrix composites
     < Carbon-based ultra-high temperature composite materials
     < Refractory metal self-matrix composite materials
    ﹟  Special functional materials of Aeronautics and Astronautics 每
     < Infrared-sensitive materials
     < Window materials
     <Absorbing materials
     <Ferroelectric materials
﹟  Advanced metallic materials 每
     < Metal matrix composites
     < Rare metal materials and processing
     <Magnesium alloy
     < Computer designing system of alloy
     <Electronic packaging materials
     < Bulk amorphous / nano-crystalline metallic materials